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Slay Drank Detox Tea

Slay Drank Detox Tea

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Day Supply

Slay Drank 5 Day Supply includes one pouch filled 12oz bottle and 4 refill satchets of perfectly blended slimming tea.

Slay Drank One Month Supply includes one pouch filled 
12oz bottle and 9 refill satchets of perfectly blended slimming tea.

Add hot or cold water to your bottle of herbs.

Shake well and wait for color to fully form (may result blue or purple).

Sweeten to your preference with honey, agave, or stevia.

Drink one 12oz bottle a day of slimming tea for 5 days straight.

For one month detox skip one week and repeat the 5 day process.

We recommend only repeating the detox process once a month (two weeks per month for most effective results).

Ingredients: Organic white pu-erh, linden tea, hibiscus, green tea, butterfly pea tea, oolong, and dandelion.

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